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working on a wordpress install that is in a subdirectory of another wordpress install (( has wp in the root )) there is a folder in the root called clients w/ another wordpress install in chamber ::

the problem i'm running into is that the under members shows up correctly but doesn't actually take me to the page, instead it returns me to the home page.


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@flashmallach: Since you get a redirect, I suggest you hook into the redirect_canonical filter and var_dump() the two arguments. If this returns anything, you can try figuring out why it does so. – Jan Fabry Dec 28 '10 at 16:50

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Your problem seems to be within your .htaccess rewrites. First thing to try: change the permalink structure back to normal (index.php?p=375) and see if the submenus work then. If they do then problem is with permalinks.

Sorry, I know this should probably be a comment not an answer, but I don't have enough points to comment.

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