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I have successfully created a wp-LINKS-list-table that displays the output of WP's core "Links" table in the WP Dashboard, and I have it displaying on a menu page I created. Step 1 accomplished!

But now I would like to be able to have the single row edit/delete (database) functionality just like the Links page. Right now I can edit/delete the links, but it's just adding/removing items from the actual links database table. I'm assuming that I not only have to create a different database table for my own queries, but I need to process my pages outside of the WordPress core as well. Right?

Or is there a core WP functionality that I can use to edit/delete my own table items?

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Wordpress allows you to use a class called wpdb

Here is an example of how you would use it
function add_to_db() {
global $wpdb;
$your_table_name = $wpdb->prefix . "wp-LINKS-list-table";
$the_value = '123';
$wpdb->insert( $your_table_name, array('column_name' => $the_value,));

this will insert 123 into the column_name. You can read more here

Note: If you are creating a menu page that reflects the tables similar to the wordpress tables there is another class you can use to help you. It is called WP_List_Table I would suggest reading that and getting the Custom List Table Example Plugin it is very helpful showing examples of using WP_List_Table.

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