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I want to migrate a group's site from Joomla to WordPress. The group has a library for members and lends books for certain periods of time, etc. (Regular library functionality).

Although the site doesn't have a library functionality in it now, it would be something cool to add. And there's probably some plugin to add this to a page or something for WordPress.

Are you aware of something like this?

EDIT: The functionality would be:

  • Tracking who borrowed or reserved a book for certain date.
  • Which books are in stock, etc.
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Can you be more specific as to how this library functionality works? Does it track who has which book and which books are available? Does it allow peer-to-peer requests? – EAMann Dec 15 '10 at 19:40
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just come across this which looks like it might be what you're looking for

Web Librarian by Deepsoft.


appears to be free, and released under a GNU license etc

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I have no such plugin directly at hand, I think it's worth to start a search for that on google and the wordpress.org plugin repository.

I could find some library / book related plugins so far, but nothing is about the workflow of lending books from a shared shelf:

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