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When user writes a comment and hits the submit button, WordPress reloads the page, before the comment is shown to the user.

Is there an Ajax-based solution that allows users to submit questions dynamically, without refreshing the whole page?

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Save the following javascrip file wpse54189-ajax-comments.js inside your plug-in folder - say plugins/plug-in-name/js (or if this must go your theme, in your theme folder).

 * jQuery autoResize (textarea auto-resizer)
 * @copyright James Padolsey http://james.padolsey.com
 * @version 1.04

(function(a){a.fn.autoResize=function(j){var b=a.extend({onResize:function(){},animate:true,animateDuration:150,animateCallback:function(){},extraSpace:20,limit:1000},j);this.filter('textarea').each(function(){var c=a(this).css({resize:'none','overflow-y':'hidden'}),k=c.height(),f=(function(){var l=['height','width','lineHeight','textDecoration','letterSpacing'],h={};a.each(l,function(d,e){h[e]=c.css(e)});return c.clone().removeAttr('id').removeAttr('name').css({position:'absolute',top:0,left:-9999}).css(h).attr('tabIndex','-1').insertBefore(c)})(),i=null,g=function(){f.height(0).val(a(this).val()).scrollTop(10000);var d=Math.max(f.scrollTop(),k)+b.extraSpace,e=a(this).add(f);if(i===d){return}i=d;if(d>=b.limit){a(this).css('overflow-y','');return}b.onResize.call(this);b.animate&&c.css('display')==='block'?e.stop().animate({height:d},b.animateDuration,b.animateCallback):e.height(d)};c.unbind('.dynSiz').bind('keyup.dynSiz',g).bind('keydown.dynSiz',g).bind('change.dynSiz',g)});return this}})(jQuery);

 * Source: wp-comment-master WordPress Plugin
 * URL: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-comment-master/
 * Author URI: http://yjlblog.com
 * Version: 1.7
 * Last Updated: 2011-6-6

   var $commentlist=jQuery('.commentlist');
   var $respond=jQuery('#respond');
   var $message=jQuery('<span class="yjl-mes"></span>').appendTo("#commentform");;
   var $list=$commentlist.children();
   var totalCom=$list.length;
   var $textarea=$respond.find('#comment').attr('rows','8');

   var currentPage=0,$number,numPerPage,totalPage,$reply;

   //track a reply comment
   var $cancel=jQuery('#cancel-comment-reply-link').click(function(){

    *if Ajax comment posting is enabled
            $message.empty().append('<img src="'+yjlSettings.gifUrl+'" alt="processing...">');
             else if(xhr.status=='timeout'){
               $message.empty().append((yjlSettings.timeOut!=''?yjlSettings.timeOut:'Error:Server time out,try again!'));
               $message.empty().append((yjlSettings.fast!=''?yjlSettings.fast:'Please slow down,you are posting to fast!'));
            $message.empty().append((yjlSettings.thank!=''?yjlSettings.thank:'Thank you for your comment!'));
               else {
                   else { getTotal($newComList);currentPage=totalPage-1;}
               if(yjlSettings.pagination=='disable' || yjlSettings.pagerPos=='after')
               else $commentlist.prev().prev().replaceWith($newComList.prev());                     
               else $newComList.prev().andSelf().insertAfter($respond);
       });//end of ajax
      return false;
   });//end of submit function

       // On resize:
       onResize : function() {
      // After resize:
      animateCallback : function() {
      // Quite slow animation:
      animateDuration : 300,
      // More extra space:
      extraSpace : 20

The above code uses a variable which stores the location of an 'ajax' loading image (see below). We need to give this variable the location of the image, which should be your plug-in folder, say plugins/plug-in-name/img, (or, again, if you must, your theme's folder). We will use use wp_localise_script.

First though, we need register this script with WordPress, listing jquery as a dependency:

function wpse54189_register_script(){
    //Register script
    wp_register_script( 'wpse54189_ajax_comment', plugin_dir_path(__FILE__ ).'js/wpse54189-ajax-comments.js',array('jquery'));

    //Add global variable storing ajax image
    wp_localize_script( 'wpse54189_ajax_comment', 'yjlSettings', array(
         'gifUrl'=> plugin_dir_path(__FILE__ ).'img/ajax-loader.gif',

         /* remove this line if you don't want the comment textbox's height
         to increase with the size of comment. */
         'autoGrow'=> 'enable'


Then when you wish to enqueue the file: wp_enqueue_script('wpse54189_ajax_comment') - this will automatically print the variables and ensure jquery is loaded before hand.

This can be placed inside template files, or for plug-ins, you can enqueue the script on a hook (for instance the comment_form_before hook):


You can get a nice Ajax loading gif from here. Or simply use this:

Loading gif

All the JavaScript code was grabbed from wp-comment-master plugin (of course, I removed the unnecessary snippets — just kept what's needed).

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You really should enqueue scripts. Also, use wp_localize_script to add javascript global variables to a page. – Stephen Harris Jun 5 '12 at 7:44
@StephenHarris Awesome! Thanks for the edit! – its_me Jun 5 '12 at 9:51

Yes, there is a lot of solutions, check it here: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/search.php?q=ajax+comments

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(1) I did not want to use a plugin. (2) I just wanted one feature — the page shouldn't reload when user submits a comment. (3) I had the solution which I wanted to share. Hence the question :) – its_me Jun 4 '12 at 19:05
@AahanKrish download a plugin and take a look how it is implemented there ;) – Eugene Manuilov Jun 4 '12 at 19:06
Exactly. That's what I did! – its_me Jun 4 '12 at 19:08
@AahanKrish then my answer is correct :D – Eugene Manuilov Jun 4 '12 at 19:09

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