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I am hosting my own version of Wordpress, and I'd like to do a custom theme for it to suit my website.

However, with so many bits and pieces of examples on the Internet, I'm not really sure how many PHP documents I should have, and what names are they given inside a theme.

So far, i only understand that there are the following PHP documents inside a Wordpress Theme itself :


Are there anymore? Is there a full list that I can refer to (like a cheat sheet)?

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The template files list in Codex contains most of the templates. See also the template hierarchy page for dynamic, content-specific templates like single-{post_type}.php.

Note that a valid theme only needs to have a style.css and index.php files, all other template files are optional.

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right. that's a great list. thanks! – Kyle Yeo Jun 3 '12 at 18:02

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