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How can I eliminate the "featured" category (and its sub tree ) in the admin panel when the user role is not editors or admins?

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'Featured' category? – Rutwick Gangurde Jun 1 '12 at 5:40

It uses get_terms and wp_get_object_terms internally to get the categories. You can achieve what you want using a filter associated with these functions.

//$args = apply_filters( 'get_terms_args', $args, $taxonomies );
add_filter('get_terms_args', 'wpse53900_filter_cat');
function wpse53900_filter_cat($args, $taxonomies){
    //this is where you can check the taxonomies and roles to filter out the ones you want
    //additionally, make sure to add a check here so that your code runs only on the post edit/add screens

Should give you an idea! ;)

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