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I have critical problem!

My Wordpress Blog has the permalink structure /%category%/%postname%/.

The problem is that very often the permalinks break so I get a lot of 404-Errors.

I can fix it refreshing the links by saving the permalinks options again in the admin panel.

This seems to be a knows problem. I find out that some wordpress users got the same problem, but only one! After a refresh all works. For me it breaks after some hours again. Sometimes I noticed that while working on my blog and most times I noticed it by checking the links in the morning.

That's why a lot of users leave the site after seconds, so sadly I loose a lot of traffic...

Further Informations

I activated the plugin WP No Category Base, this could be the problem. But on another blog this plugin worked for months without trouble.

I can tell you everything about my server configuration (cheep virtual server from xenonserver.de) you need to help me. There is enough memory available.

Installing a plugin, the install dialog freezes, so I waited some secs and then went back to the plugin overview. But every plugin is listed there and works fine.

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I hopefully figured it out. I think the problem were the server configurations. There was an option meaning that the .htaccess file is managed by the server.

I set this option to self managed. The last two days it worked fine and without broken links. I hope this will remain in future...

Thanks for all who read the question but can't help me!

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