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Even if I've been coding (mainly Java and Python) for some years, I'm totally new with web apps and PHP. So please forgive me if this is a novice question.

I had a WordPress blog with a friend who was managing all the WordPress hosting. Now my friend has decided to go away and he sent me the blog backup:

  1. All the WordPress files.
  2. The dump of database in dump.log.

I have purchased hosting where I can restore the old blog. Looking for how to set up the blog again, I found everywhere the guideline "Restore the database from phpMyAdmin", but I don't know where can I launch phpMyAdmin from the backup I have.

Please explain to me what I have to do.

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Any MySQL database management program will do. I'd prefer HeidiSQL, which runs on your own desktop, but you can use a web-based one if you want. phpMyAdmin is certainly the most common web-based one, but there are others. – TRiG Dec 30 '12 at 0:00
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phpMyAdmin is software typically installed by your host and available via your hosting control panel, it is not part of WordPress.

A search on web for [your host] phpMyAdmin will probably tell you what you need to do.

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