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I am attempting to create a website, which has a similar taxonomy system to IMDB, but instead of Movies, it is referencing Musicians. I have created a custom post type for Artists, with a few custom field called Record Label on it.

I am stuck because when I create this custom field and click on the link it produces, it takes me to a search page, rather than to a page made for that Record Label. Is there anyway I can bypass the search section, and link to the Record Label page in particular?

And, as bonus question, I would also like the relationship between the Movie and the Actor to show up on both pages, rather than on just one or the other. For example, if I said that an Artist was signed to a label, I would like the label page to automatically update the fact that it has signed the band.

So far, I have created Custom Post Types, for both Artist and Label, but I am having trouble linking the two together. Am I going about this the wrong way? I know I am probably missing something obvious, but I cannot find an answer.

Thanks for your help, Joseph.

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Start by reading "Using custom taxonomies to create a movie database". You'll learn about custom post types and custom taxonomies and how to use those to hook posts together.

It's possibly that your Labels should be a custom taxonomy rather than a post type, but maybe not. If you can use a custom taxonomy for setting up relationships, that's ideal, but if not there are some plugins that can help.

Particularly, take a look at Advanced Custom Fields which has a relationship field or the Posts 2 Posts. I've used the first and had very good luck with it. I haven't use the second, but it's got a good reputation.

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