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can anyone tell me what's the best way to redirect a general category page to a specific one?

for example:

categoryName1 -> subcategoryName1
              -> subCategoryName2 
              -> subCategoryName3
categoryName2 -> subCategoryName4

and when i click in the menu "categoryName1" (but not on "categoryName2") i'm redirect automatically into "subcategoryName2".

thanks a lot!

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Luca, I have really problems to understand what you are looking for with your question. Can you add some more example and describe it a bit more? I guess that's why this question has no answers so far. – hakre Feb 6 '11 at 13:57
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If you are looking for some simple redirect solution, in a previous answer the following two were suggested:

  1. Redirection (Wordpress Plugin)
  2. Simple 301 Redirects (Wordpress Plugin)

With those or a comparable plugin it should be possible that you can add the redirects you need to your site.

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