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I have a strange question...

I have my term as a variable...

$mailer = 'may-2012-newsletter';

And I'm trying to echo on my page the Name of my term, using the variable above. But this is not in a loop.

My term name is: May 2012 Newsletter

But I'm trying to echo this from using my term slug: may-2012-newsletter

This term is grouped in my taxonomy called: mailers

I've tried this below but this doesn't work? I think I'm totally off track.

<title><?php echo get_term_by( 'name', $mailer, 'mailers'); ?></title>

Any help would be awesome thanks.


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You can use get_term_by to get the term object if you know the slug and then just echo out the name ex:

$by = 'slug';
$slug = 'may-2012-newsletter';
$taxonomy = 'mailers';
$term = get_term_by( $by, $slug, $taxonomy);
echo $term->name;
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Ahhh thank you @Bainternet - worked a beaut!!! – Joshc May 22 '12 at 13:02

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