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I am tired of WordPress's horrible HTML editor and have decided to write all my html in Notepad++ and then just copy it over. However, simple line breaks "\n" that would be normally ignored in html are converted to <br /> tags. I have disabled the visual editor, so everything I save should be the exact html that is presented. But it's not. how do I stop wordpress from converting my html?

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Well, the <br /> tag is exactly a line break in HTML. If you use line breaks in Notepad++ to create new paragraph just make two line breaks, WordPress will end the previous and begin a new paragraph. If you don't want line breaks in your post then why did you make them when writing the post in Notepad++? – Mateusz Hajdziony Nov 19 '12 at 1:06

That's handled by a filter called wpautop (declared in wp-includes/formatting.php, line 189).

You can remove it with this:

remove_filter ('the_content','wpautop');
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You can also do this using plugin wpautop control and set site-wise default as well as per post setting. More info at blog.bigsmoke.us/2010/12/09/wpautop. – ShitalShah Apr 11 '14 at 1:05

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