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My theme currently has a single menu on the left hand sidebar of WP admin. I want to include submenus on that menu.

How can I add, for example, a single submenu item to the "Theme Options" menu below?

    "My Theme Options", 
    "Theme Options", 
    get_bloginfo('template_directory') .'/img/favicon.png'
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To do that, you would use add_submenu_page().

But I would strongly recommend against making submenu pages for Theme options. To begin with, you should be using add_theme_page() for your Theme options page, so that your Theme options page itself is properly placed as an Appearance sub-menu page.

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wrap the function add_theme_page() inside a function and hook the wrapper function to admin_menu action hook. add_action('admin_menu', 'add_theme_page_wrapper_function'); – talentedaamer Nov 23 '15 at 16:37

Use add_submenu_page()

It uses pretty much the same structure, but takes the parent-menu slug or file name as the first argument.

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