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I have the following code in my plugin main file :

function my_function() {
<script type="text/javascript"> 
    jQuery(function () {    
add_action("wp_footer", "my_function");

My website does have jQuery loaded and operational (lots of features on my page use it and they work). Yet this alert() doesn't work. Why is that ?

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That snippet 'works' for me.

Is the script being printed at the bottom of the page? More specifically, does your theme call wp_footer. All themes should, but not all themes do call wp_footer which breaks plugins which rely on it.

For the record - you should not print scripts directly to the page. WordPress has a great API for handling JavaScript enqueing and dependency handling. See this codex page.

You may also find this question helpful too.

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Because you just defined a function there. You didn't execute it or attached it to some event, to be executed when the event happens.

You probably want:


Now this function will run after the document has loaded.

And try to avoid inline scripts. Use wp_enqueue_script whenever possible.

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