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In WordPress source code, there is one point I can not understand. In /wp-blog-header.php, there is a call to wp() function. However, I can not find any definition for that function. How this call don't cause error?

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Just follow the code :).

Before calling wp(), /wp-blog-header.php loads /wp-load.php (which assuming you have correctly installed WordPress) loads /wp-config.php. At the bottom of that file, it calls /wp-settings.php.

This file loads a lot of other files, initialising the core parts of WordPress. Amongst them, is the wp-includes/functions.php file. It's inside this file that wp() is defined.

Once /wp-settings.php has finished loading all the files, wp() is then called - this 'starts' WordPress (interpreting the incoming url, processing it into a query, choosing a template and finally outputting the content and sending into the user.

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You can see info about the wp() function on queryposts.com which also links to the function on trac. I also learned a surprising amount from Nacin's powerpoint slides from "You Don't Know Query" that discussion the wp() function starting on slide 29.

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@tight slideshow! bookmarked. – Johannes Pille May 16 '12 at 3:05

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