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WooCommerce is a nice eCommerce plugin/package for Wordpress.

While dabbling around in it I wondered if certain modifications are possible and how to achieve them:

  1. Simple Examples:
    • Changing a field name (say from "Account Username" to "Membername")
    • Removing a field from checkout (say we don't need/want a shipping address for a digital store.
    • Adding a new field (i.e. Referred By Membername)
  2. Complex Example (change from online store to a type of catalog with stock but no payment or price options - actions are done offline)
    • Can I run it without prices? not 0 - no price on the products, but they should not appear as "free" products. basically this should function as a store with no prices, and no payment, but with everything else such as an ordering system, a cart etc...
    • once a customer fills a cart and sends the order, it is entered as it is to the database (emails are sent etc.), and it waits for processing. processing will be offline, a qoute/price offer will be negotiated with client and payment will be charged offline (cash/check/credit card).
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Isn't there support to the Theme? –  kaiser May 15 '12 at 22:34
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You can - best to create a child theme to make the adjustments.

I used the catalog visibility plugin here for $35.

But, that still left a cart link at the top of the page, and issues with the featured products slider. I got advice on the github page here (The 2nd to last post explained it best for me)

I know this is getting into the backend of things, but as far as I know, that's the only way to do it. If you research 'creating a child theme', you can avoid messing with the wootique code, and therefore easily recover from any mistakes you make.

Hope that helps... I spent a long time trying to solve that problem. :)

Add filters to the pricing fields. More info... http://www.foxrunsoftware.net/articles/wordpress/hide-woocommerce-free-price-label/

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