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How can i programatically change the Category selection menu on wp-admin? is there a hook or filter to edit the Category List?

My objective is to filter out specific categories for specific post-types, for example:

I have the categories: Sports,Players and Coaches

under the post-types: People and Activities

I want to filter the Sports Category out of the People Post-type.

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I went down the rabbit hole with this a few weeks ago. Never quite got it working right.

These might lead you in the right direction:



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i found the get_terms filter, that seemed to work fine for me:

  function filterCats($listCats){
    global $typenow;    
        foreach ($listCats as $k => $oCat) {
            if( $oCat->term_id == 6){//Sports Category id
     return $listCats;
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