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Conditions: Page have template, for example: /* Template name: News */


We have many pages, and one page with assigned template (/* Template name: News */).

I want on main page (index.php) retrieve page(News) url and title.

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I think you're going to have to clarify your question a little. It's very cryptic. – chrisguitarguy May 15 '12 at 14:41
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Let me try to summarize what you want and answer:

I want on main page (index.php) retrieve page(News) url and title.

So you have a "News" page that's using a specific template called "News" and you want to grab that page's ID, URL, and title to display on the front page, correct?

Get a Page by Template

There is no built-in way to grab a page based on the template it's using. Instead, you have to search for all pages based on a hidden meta value that matches your page template. So, let's say your News template is named news-template.php in the theme, then you'd use the following code to get the first page that use that template:

$news_pages = get_pages( array(
    'meta_key'   => '_wp_page_template',
    'meta_value' => 'news-template.php',
    'number'     => 1
) );

$news_page = $news_pages[0];

Remember, since get_pages() returns an array, you have to manually select the first element of that array. Now this $news_page object contains the content of your News page.

Displaying Page Information

Now, inside your index.php page you can display this page's information by referencing the $news_page object.

  • Page ID: $news_page->ID
  • Page URL: get_page_link( $news_page->ID )
  • Page Title: $news_page->post_title
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Thaanks :) You helped me ;) – Vital May 15 '12 at 15:31

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