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I want to highlight the parent of a child page in the menu when the child page itself is not in the menu.

I know this would work if you add the child as a sub page but that isn't the case.

Any ideas?

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Alrdy got it:

<?php //in functions.php
add_filter('nav_menu_css_class', 'highlight_portfolio', 12, 2);
function highlight_portfolio($classes, $item) {
    $parent = get_post_ancestors();
    $parent_ID = $parent[0];

    if ($parent_ID == $item->object_id) {
        array_push($classes, 'current-menu-ancestor');
    return $classes;
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As an alternative to @janw's answer, you can insert the following code in the theme’s footer.php file right before the closing body tag .

<!-- Highlight parent page link when on child page -->
<?php if (is_page()) {   //  displaying a child page ?>
    <script type="text/javascript">
<?php } ?>

I've detailed how this code works in a post here: How to keep parent page navigation link highlighted when viewing a child/sub page!

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That would work. But why would you want that if; 1) php is faster and 2) more reliable js can be disabled. 3) (nitpick) increases page load. – janw Feb 18 '15 at 18:44
@janw Thanks for the feedback mate. I tried your solution but I kept getting this error: i.imgur.com/yuOAxIk.png I'm nowhere good with PHP, but I tried changing the string 'current-menu-ancestor' to 'current-page-ancestor' then to 'current-menu-item' (that might have just made it more wrong) to no avail. Here's how the code looks on my functions.php file: i.imgur.com/4rQh2wq.png Appreciate your help, and love your solution (wish I could get it to work on mine)! – Bibiano Wenceslao Feb 21 '15 at 1:51

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