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I´m trying to add something like a guestbook, where the user can write about our services, something like comments with few more content like country, facebook page... should i do this with a single page extending the default comments using with wordpress or i have to add a new content type? How can i give the user permission tu publish without register?

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The easiest way by far would be as you suggested to use a page coupled with comments. Restyle it so that it looks more like a guestbook.

I'm sure there are plugins out there that do this but I don't see the point as you'll need to restyle them anyway and it just slows down your site.

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I would use a custom page template that pulls output from a custom post type. You could have a form at the bottom of this page which would allow users to submit their own content.

The page template and post type are easy, just a file and register_post_type(), the form is a bit more complicated. You can use wp_insert_post() to do most of it, but depending on what else you want to do with it, you may need update_post_meta() as well to handle any data not covered by the default function.

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using post types would be ideal, but what I did was extend the functionality of the comments using the comment_form_default_fields filter using a personalized page template – Tomás Ramírez May 16 '12 at 20:12

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