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Is there any filter available to set the naming convention of those auto generated thumbnails?

Something like this:

  • thumbnail_150x150.jpg -> thumbnail-s.jpg
  • thumbnail_300x300.jpg -> thumbnail-m.jpg
  • thumbnail_600x600.jpg -> thumbnail-l.jpg
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Seems that the answer is no...

I've followed the core functions and found a dead-end. And found this post ( How can I make add_image_size() crop from the top? ) where Rarst says:

Intermediate image generation is extremely rigid. Image_resize() keeps it close to code and completely lacks hooks.

But, following the lead of the other answer (from bradt) and the code he published ( Image Crop Position in WordPress ), I think I got it :)

In the function bt_generate_attachment_metadata, I've just modified the call to bt_image_make_intermediate_size including the last parameter $size

$resized = bt_image_make_intermediate_size( $file, $size_data['width'], $size_data['height'], $size_data['crop'], $size );

And modified the beggining of the function bt_image_make_intermediate_size as follows:

  • added the $size parameter to the function
  • instead of the default null value to $suffix, a switch to our new suffixes
function bt_image_make_intermediate_size( $file, $width, $height, $crop = false, $size ) {
    if ( $width || $height ) {
        switch($size) {
            case 'thumbnail':
                $suffix = 't';
            case 'medium':
                $suffix = 'm';
            case 'large':
                $suffix = 'l';
                $suffix = null;
        $resized_file = bt_image_resize( $file, $width, $height, $crop, $suffix, null, 90 );

Here, a copy of the full code with my mods, just for reference.
And the diff from the original.

Much probably, all the code can be shrank to a bare bone, but this way we get the benefit of custom cropped images :))

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sorry, still traveling. I'll test it soon and let you know. Thanks. – Sean Lee May 17 '12 at 11:15

This website almost explicitly provides an answer to your question: WordPress: Provide a Better Naming Convention for Thumbnails (I am in no way shape or form affiliated with this website. Just a little Googling for the answer)

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