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Is it possible to list the posts from a custom taxonomy by slug along?

This link kind of does it but i want to target the slugs rather than just the whole taxonomy itself


So i have Custom Taxonomy 'Books' within that i have Book 1 and Book 2.

I want to list all the posts attached to Book 1 and then separately all the posts attached to Book 2 ideally.


Thanks for any help.

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As long as you have registered your custom taxonomy to with 'rewrite' => true, then WordPress should automatically build taxonomy archives for you at yousite.com/{taxonomy base}/{term slug}.

There are a lot of caveats and problems that can arise, but for simple setups, this works like a charm. To find the right URL, go to (I'm guessing a little here) Posts > Books and then click "View" beneath the "Book 1" taxonomy.

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