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I am working modifying an ecommerce plugin, and it makes uses of wp_update_user() function, and everytime the function runs another table (created by the plugin), gets updated too. The problem is that the updated data on that second table is incorrect, and I am having troubles finding the part of the code that does it.

So I was wondering, does the wp_update_user( ) function triggers some "action" so I can search for that in all the files? like those used in for example:

add_action('wp_logout', 'logout_handler');
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wp_update_user() is in /wp-includes/user.php lines 1401-1439. It uses wp_insert_user() (same file, lines 1254-1380) to update the existing user or add a new one if the user doesn't exist. That function is where the various filters and actions affecting user account info live, and shows everything you can do to the $user object.

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