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For some reason my RSS feed is repeating the site title twice without a space, obviously quite annoying.

BlognameBlogname for example.

Is there any hook i can use to have a custom title for the RSS Feed?

So i could have a title 'This is My RSS Feed for Blogname' or anything i wanted?

Is this possible or am i stuck with the double name.

Thanks for any help.

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Edited: Bad answer removed.

Here is the working code:

function custom_blogname_rss($val, $show) {
    if( 'name' == $show )
        $out = 'Custom Blog Name';
        $out = $val;

    return $out;
add_filter('bloginfo_rss','custom_blogname_rss', 10, 2);

Don't forget to change Custom Blog Name to something useful.

Put that code into a plugin.

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Do you know how to alter the feed title for just one category? I currently get "Company >> Workers' Compensation" from my feed, but when displaying in a feed reader I need it to say "Company >> WorkCompEdge Blog". – cmegown Jul 23 '12 at 21:45

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