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I an using two taxonomies with private posts.

  1. category e.g. massage, travel
  2. location e.g. new-york-city, boston etc.

On a location page, I want to show categories that are relevant to that location. e.g. If I am on ?location=boston page I would find all the posts that are in boston, then I would find a list of categories in which these posts are categorized. I want this list to be displayed on top of location page.

Is there is a simple, built-in way to do all this?

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You mean, when you're on Boston page, you want to get massage or travel, whatever is available in Boston? – Rutwick Gangurde May 3 '12 at 5:33
Yes. e.g. if boston has on 'massage' deals, it should show only 'massage' category. If it has 'travel' deals too then it should show 'travel' category too. – afnrf May 3 '12 at 6:29
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In the_loop, just add this code...

    $cats = wp_get_object_terms(get_the_id(), 'category');

Print_r $cats, it will have the list of the categories applied to this post.

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