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This is what I'd like to accomplish, hopefully under one WP install: I would like to use one WP install for my main domain + three subdomains, where subdomains need to be somehow "masked" / add-ons of other domains.

i.e. www.mymaindomain.com branch1.mymaindomain.com -> www.differentdomain.com branch2.mymaindomain.com -> www.completelydiffdomain.com branch3.mymaindomain.com -> www.anotherdomain.com

More details:

  • One main Wordpress Website, www.mymaindomain.com
  • The homepage has links that take users to three different branches of the website.
  • Client wants each branch to have it's own domain (design and everything are pretty much the same)
  • So, clicking on the first branch, should take users to www.differentdomain.com (keep in mind that the design is the same, header, footer, and what not)
  • Same thing for the second and third "branches", they take the user to a different domain, but the UI is the same.

One idea I had is to create subdomains for each "branch" and then create an add-on domain that would point to the subdomain, but this would require installing WP in each subdomain.

Is there a way to handle this (i.e. .htaccess), where subdomain.mymaindomain.com would be masked as www.differentdomain.com?


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You need the following:

1) Enable WordPress Multisite in your main domain

2) Install the plugin WordPress MU Domain Mapping

After that, you'll be able to achieve your goal.

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