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I have installed the Twitter News Feed plugin which only updates once an hour. There is a button to press though that updates it immediately. I presume therefore that there is a file that I can call with a cron that will update as often as I set the cron for. The trouble is I don't know which file to call.

Can anyone help me out for what I should look for? These are the files available.

Plugin Files twitter-news-feed/twitter-news-feed-admin.php twitter-news-feed/simplepie/README.txt twitter-news-feed/simplepie/ twitter-news-feed/simplepie/LICENSE.txt twitter-news-feed/twitter-news-feed-class.php twitter-news-feed/readme.txt twitter-news-feed/twitter-news-feed.php

If you need to know the contents of the files I can add them. You can read about the plugin here:

Many thanks

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Take a look at the docs. That plugin uses Simplepie as an aggregator. Google results:

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