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I have this code for insert a permalink but doesn't work, return exactly code:

$text = '<form><td>Permalink to: <?php the_title();?></td><textarea cols="85" rows="2" readonly="readonly" onclick="select()"/><?php echo $permalink = get_permalink( $id ); ?></textarea></form>';  

This is what currently shows up: Screenshot

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A better, cleaner way to do this would be to use proper string return methods and concatenation. I say this, because you're trying to put functions that echo content (i.e. the_title() into a variable - this won't work!!!


$text = '<form><td>Permalink to: ';
$text .= get_the_title();
$text .='</td><textarea cols="85" rows="2" readonly="readonly" onclick="select()"/>';
$text .= get_permalink( $id );
$text .= '</textarea></form>';

Or, if you absolutely must have this in one long line:

$text = '<form><td>Permalink to: ' . get_the_title() . '</td><textarea cols="85" rows="2" readonly="readonly" onclick="select()"/>' . get_permalink( $id ) . '</textarea></form>';
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thanks so much =) – luca Apr 27 '12 at 18:48

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