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I've many categories in my database but when i'm calling wp_list_categories() it is not listing any categories, its only outputting

  No categories

Also, I'm trying to populate it using get_categories() but still same problem, it outputting as if there were no category

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Are these categories listed in the backend? Check if all of them have posts associated as these functions hide empty categories by default. – Rutwick Gangurde Apr 25 '12 at 5:02
no, none of them have posted associated with them. Still, what functions can i use to access all the categories?? – Noor Apr 25 '12 at 5:17
Check my answer below... – Rutwick Gangurde Apr 25 '12 at 5:35

You can use wp_list_categories or get_categories, just pass hide_empty = 0 to it. This will get you even those categories which do not have any posts associated with them.

Ex: $cats = get_categories(array('hide_empty' => 0));

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if you use that inside loop, then you'd use get_posts() instead of get_categories();

$desired_category_ID = 239;
$desired_post_type = 'post';

$array =  get_posts('child_of'=>$desired_category_ID ,    'post_type'=> $desired_post_type);    $out='';
foreach ($array as $key=> $value) {
    $out .= '<li class="manual_posts"><a href="'.get_permalink($value->ID).'">'.$value->post_title.'</a></li>';
echo $out;
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