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I have two wp_editor() instances on pages and posts used to populate the sidebars of my three-column website. I would like to use the default wordpress word-count script on the two wp-editor areas to get the word-count of the content within them.

I enqueued the script and added the required HTML but the wordcount was always that of the main content editor area.

Has anyone managed to use this functionality with custom wp_editor areas and what HTML will I use?

I have searched on the web but could not find any examples where the default script is used.

Thanks in advance nav

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Git this to work by using the following line of code in my theme's functions.php.

$wordcount = str_word_count( strip_tags( $content ), 0 );

I got this piece of code from a stackoverflow post.

The only disadvantage with this code is that it does not update dynamically which is not a big issue as the current wordcount will show up every time the post is updated.

The problem with using javascript on which event I should trigger the wordpress function on.

WordPress's wordcount functionality is tightly coupled with the default editor and I had to duplicate their javascript to try and get similar functionality which is not a good choice.

I would still like to get some thoughts on this by a more experienced WP developer.

Thank you. nav

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