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I am creating a website where user have to be logged in to give a price bid on a product. Only one bid can be given on the product. Therefore, I only want one user at a time to be able to give a bid. Is it possible to lock post editing to one user from the frontend? So if 2 or more user enters a post simultaneously, could a message tell the other user that someone else is giving a bid?

I had a quick look at this function from post.php wp_check_post_lock, but if I call it from my theme, it is unrecognized.

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Imagine the following situation: One user leaves the browser window.

What happens? No other user can place a bid.

If you're using to fire up the bid, then you can add the wp_check_post_lock() function in there. And also remove the lock. So the post is only locked as long as someone is actually placing/sending the bid. As this will only last for some ms, you have successfully worked around the post lock problem.


There's a new "post lock" feature for post types coming. This will be in 3.6 or 3.7. So far, no further details are known.

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