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I've been reading about Custom Post Types, Custom Taxonomy and Category but I'm still getting some confusion. I want to build somewhat like an ecommerce site just to understand it better.

Say I've a problem like this

          --Operating System
                --Win 7
                --less than 1 GB
                --1 GB
                --2 GB

            --- BMW
            --- Ford

            --- Red
            --- Blue
    Price From <TextBox> to <TextBox>

My Solution will be somwhat like this:

  1. Product is a custom post type
  2. Computer and all others are hirarchical taxonomy
  3. Price is a custom field for product

what do you think, am I go the right track or can you correct me??

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I'd say your on exactly the right track.

Since you're in the process of reading up on CPTs and such, I'd highly recommend giving this 4-part tutorial series a read:

Reusable Custom Meta Boxes, wp|tuts+

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do you think that i can use the builtin category rather than creating custom taxonomy?? – Noor Apr 21 '12 at 13:15
@Noor A custom taxonomy would certainly be cleaner and more extensible, but categories will do - if all you care for is categorization. Matter of taste in your case, I'd say. – Johannes Pille Apr 21 '12 at 13:20

If e-commerce is the main or only purpose of your site you can choose to use normal categories and normal posts for this. Also, if you're inexperienced it will be a little easier.

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