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To improve my website's loading speed a bit (and to impress the judges--sad reality of the kind of website I'm building, there are judges), I want to implement yepnope.js to load the Javascript dynamically. However, I'm running into a roadblock with the Wordpress jQuery plugins, because Wordpress still embeds them as a script tag.

Is there a way to modify Wordpress's script-loading mechanism so that I can just get an array of plugins to feed into Yepnope, or some other solution?

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I suppose you could use wp dequeue script and then use yepnode, but honestly I don't see the point with regards to speed since wp_enqueue_script already allows for conditional loading with dependencies.

This is assuming your using well written theme/plugins that allow for the use of the built in function hooks. You can get an array of plugins but you cannot guess how plugin/theme authors are loading scripts.

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Using yepnope is going to cause too much trouble. Just use what WordPress already provides. Add some conditional scripting references with the is_admin() and plugin specific pages.

I would use wp_dequeue_script() and wp_enqueue_script() appropriately combined with some WP minify, since yepnope is a way to speed up the site to begin with.


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