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I'd like somer code that I can place in my functions.php file that will only modify the specified custom post type.

I have already tried several plugins, but all of them have more features than I need. It's overkill to mess with things I don't want them to mess with.

Ideally, the code will:

  • Set up a daily cron job for 00:00 (at night)
  • Fire a custom function that queries the database for the custom post type and compares its publication date with current date.
  • If the custom post type is older than 3 months (the custom function returns true), then it will call wp_delete_post() for the post's ID.

Unfortunately, I can't put it all together myself.

Is there a good (simple) plugin that does this? A code snippet you have off the top of your head?

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Well there is two ways of doing it in that i can think of...

The simplest seems to be the wp_cron command.


And in your functions you can add some custom SQL (or other) to update your database with whatever you want...

Alternatively you can try this plugin http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-cron-control/ And make it do you want.

I can't provide the excact SQL you need but with these two you should be able to run scheduled unattended events on your site.

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