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Trying to add a new feed with:

function events_feed() {
include(TEMPLATEPATH . '/events.php/');

And I'm getting a failed to open stream directory not found error.

1.events.php lives in the root of my theme folder.

2.I added the function to my functions.php file. Saved & uploaded.

3.Resaved permalinks.

4.Visited http://example.com/feed/gpevents

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Remove the last / in

include(TEMPLATEPATH . '/events.php/');

If you cannot find a file, check with file_exists( $path ) first.

Also TEMPLATEPATH is deprecated now, use get_stylesheet_directory() instead.

And your feed is located at /gpevent', not/gpevents' as Stephen Harris noted.

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Looks like a missing 's' from gpevent too – Stephen Harris Apr 19 '12 at 18:31
Oddly, it passes file_exists() but yet I still get a open stream directory not found error. The feed adress was merely a typo on my behalf. It all works fine locally. I'm baffled. – Justin W Hall Apr 20 '12 at 15:33

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