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I'm having some trouble adding jquery-week-calendar to WordPress' admin interface using add_menu_page and other API methods. What I found out is that the default jquery-ui and other JavaScript references are interfering in the rendered calendar behavior.

How can I remove these extra scripts from the admin interface? load-scripts.php is called a couple of times, and I can't seem to deregister the scripts that the admin components like tinyMCE and others are calling.

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According to the load-scripts.php file, scripts that are not enqueued will not be loaded, so I don't need to worry about it when using hooks like admin_enqueue_scripts and the wp_deregister_script function.

foreach( $load as $handle ) {
    if ( !array_key_exists($handle, $wp_scripts->registered) )

However, my problem with jQuery week calendar was with the wp-jquery-ui-dialog style. So, to solve this problem I just had to:

$scripts = array('jquery-ui-core', 'jquery-ui-widget',
    'jquery-ui-mouse', 'jquery-ui-resizable', 'jquery-ui-draggable',
    'jquery-ui-button', 'jquery-ui-position', 'jquery-ui-dialog');
foreach ($scripts as $s)
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