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I installed a recommended plugin to help speed up the ever-so-painfully-slow BuddyPress. The plugin is "DB Cache Reloaded Fix By Ivan". I get the following error whenever I try to enable the plugin Caching can't be activated. Please chmod 755 wp-content/db-cache-reloaded-fix/cache folder. Yet, there is no directory close to that to set the permissions for. Is this plugin flawed or has anyone experienced this issue and do you have a resolution? Thanks.

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3 Answers

The plugin probably does not have the proper permissions to create the directory in the first place. This is a flaw in the plugin insofar as the documentation could be a bit better.

mkdir -m 755 -p /your/path/to/wp-content/db-cache-reloaded-fix/cache/

will create the directory in question for you.

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Thanks @BooneGorges. Actually, I did create that directory and even chmod'd it to 777 (after I already installed however). I still got the error. So I wonder, "do I need to create that directory first, then install the plugin over again?" –  H. Ferrence Apr 17 '12 at 13:13
Probably not. It's possible that the error message is coded incorrectly, so that it's telling you one path (the one listed above) but internally is actually looking for a different one. For instance, it might be missing /plugins/. Try creating a cache directory (with 755 permissions) inside of the db-cache-reloaded-fix plugin dir. –  Boone Gorges Apr 17 '12 at 13:43
I had done that too (yesterday). I tried a number of variations to get the error to go away -- and to speed up my BuddyPress -- but nothing ridded me of that error. I will try one more time now and post back in a few minutes. Thanks @BooneGorges. –  H. Ferrence Apr 17 '12 at 13:53
Same as yesterday @BooneGorges...still no luck. My ./wp-content directory is set to 0777. My ./wp-content/plugins/ directory is set to 0775. My ./wp-content/plugins/db-cache-reloaded-fix/ directory is set to 0755. And my re-created ./wp-content/plugins/db-cache-reloaded-fix/cache/ directory is set to 0755. –  H. Ferrence Apr 17 '12 at 14:05
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I would not use the db-cache plugin.

If you are running your buddypress on a server you have root access to I would recommend looking into the following options:

  • install apc for php.
  • install memcached and use the wordpress memcached object cache
  • look into using the mysql query cache und other mysql caches. also try to use innodb for buddypress/wordpress tables
  • disable all other caches
  • use batcache for full-page caching

use a new php version. php 5.3 is a lot better and faster than 5.2. Try using php 5.4!

good luck'

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I had this same problem as well. Since I had it working on several other sites, I figured something must have changed drastically in 2.2.4

I just removed all of the 2.2.4 files. Then installed and activated 2.2.3

Once 2.2.3 was activated and working. I deactivated it, FTP'd 2.2.4 over the existing 2.2.3 files and re-activated it. Seems to work that way.


After some testing using Firebug, etc. It seems that it may have actually slowed my site down. I have since removed it on my BuddyPress site.

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