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I'm sure there is a simple reason/answer for this: Why does

echo 'Archive for '. the_time('Y');

give me 2010Archive for? I had expected it would give me Archive for 2010

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As most template tags that start with the_ this one echoes time and not returns it (which template tags that start with get_the_ do).

First the_time() fires and echoes year, then its return (null) gets concatenated and echoed with string.


echo 'Archive for ';


echo 'Archive for ' . get_the_time('Y');
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Thank you! And a handy rule-of-thumb for the_function and get_the_function too, thanks :) – Amanda Dec 6 '10 at 14:22

You can also use ',' instead of '.' for concatenating strings in echo funcion.

echo 'Archive for ' , the_time('Y');
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