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is a blog I imported from blogger. The front page is fine, but when one clicks to read a blog post, the end of the post has parts of the right side bar widgets. I tried different templates, but the problem persists. I exported the blog as .xm and tried to see the data in the CDATA section to look for malignant tags, but it seems fine. Any new posts I make from wordpress are also messed in the blog page.

I am at my wits end on fixing this :-(

I am running a multi-site network.

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Look at your browser source code; the bad code has to do with a plugin called wpui-related-posts. Do you have that activated?

You can find/replace the code with a plugin called Search RegEx. Use grep to match the strings and delete it all.

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Thank you for pointing it out. As a matter of fact, I do see it in the code. But is not something I have installed. How do I fix it? I am looking forward for minimal hacks to avoid upgrade troubles. – Lord Loh. Apr 13 '12 at 4:19

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