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any way would be acceptable for me, even hacking the DB.

I have messed up the roles with MEMBERS plugin, and i need a way of reseting the roles somehow. i can't seem to find a proper way.

basically, I need to flush all roles, capabilities, and custom post type at once. it wouldn't cause any trouble with the one's who are written to the functions.php file, as i understand, - right?

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  1. Deactivate the Plugin
  2. Go to Dashboard > Users
  3. Select all users
  4. Select the desired role from the "Change role to" dropdown
  5. Click "Change"

Plugins can't really do any permanent damage, provided that all of their actions are implemented properly via the Plugin API. I assume the Members Plugin fits this description. So, once you deactivate it, any changes it has made to core user roles should be reverted. Then, you simply need to reassign existing users to the desired, core user role.

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that would be great but that is not true. user roles do stay after deactivating the plugin and changing users roles. :( – Asaf Chertkoff Apr 20 '12 at 22:03
@Chip: This is not correct. Try $wp_roles->remove_cap('editor', 'edit_others_posts'); in your functions.php, a mu-plugin, whatever. Then remove it. The capability is permanently removed. Well, permanent until you manually add it back. – akTed Jan 14 '13 at 4:44

You can delete or add again the Roles and/or the Capabilities:

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i'm looking for something more complete like a script that is running through all roles and capabilities and reset them to default... this would be great. – Asaf Chertkoff Apr 20 '12 at 17:44

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