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I have been using wp-caption for so long but for a template I am working on I want to delete this tag and only show the image, I used display:none; function but it does not show the image , any help ?

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.wp-caption-text{display: none;} – Howdy_McGee Dec 3 '13 at 15:07

You'll need to use the img_caption_shortcode filter to do this. Pretty certain the alignment of the image (floating left/right) is part of the caption so you'll lose the ability to do that with this code.

function imageOnly($deprecated, $attr, $content = null) 
    return do_shortcode( $content );
add_filter( 'img_caption_shortcode', 'imageOnly', 10, 3 );

The do_shortcode is probably overkill.

I use something very similar to change the caption output to be responsive. Tested on WordPress 3.8.1

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do_shortcode() is helpful, if you like it, that the shortcodes inside the content works after remove caption --> +1 for this answer. – bueltge Jan 1 '15 at 20:13
Didn't worked for me in WP 4.2.5 – testing Oct 13 '15 at 20:39

This code found on the WP Support forums (Can you remove captions from images?) worked for me:

function no_caption($deprecated, $attr, $content) { return $content; };
add_filter('img_caption_shortcode', 'no_caption', 10, 3);

Just drop it in your theme's functions.php

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Didn't worked for me in WP 4.2.5 – testing Oct 13 '15 at 20:38

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