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I have played around with filters for uploading files. The closest I have gotten is to have the files uploaded to the directory, but after the file uploads, I get a series of errors: Undefined index: post_id I think the issue is as simple as not having access to the current post id. I have tried $wp_query->post->ID; and $post->ID and neither seem to work. These files would always be associated with a post.

The last iteration of the code I am using:

// filter for uploads
    function ml_media_upload_dir($upload) {

    $id = $_REQUEST['post_id'];
    $parent = get_post( $id )->post_parent;

        if (isset($_REQUEST['post_id'])) {
            $upload['path']    = "/foo/www/folder/blog/wp-content/uploads/" . $id;
            $upload['url']     = "http://foo.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/" . $id;
            $upload['basedir'] = "/foo/www/folder/blog/wp-content/uploads/" . $id;
            $upload['baseurl'] = "http://foo.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/" . $id;

            if (!file_exists("/foo/www/folder/blog/wp-content/uploads/" . $id)) {
                mkdir("/foo/www/folder/blog/wp-content/uploads/" . $id, 0777);

        return $upload;
    add_filter('upload_dir', 'ml_media_upload_dir');

I even tried adding another 'insert media' link with the post_action=1 param to test. (http://foo.com/blog/wp-admin/media-upload.php?post_id=571&TB_iframe=1&post_action=1&width=640&height=567)

How can I ensure that if there is a post_id, that the file gets loaded into the specific folder?

Any help..

cheers! Bo

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Check if the argument is present, and if it isn't return the default value:

  return $upload;

// cast it to integer to avoid problems
$id = (int)$_REQUEST['post_id'];

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sigh, in all the iterations, after a while I left that check out. It should've been there. thanks!! – roberthuttinger Apr 4 '12 at 19:21
Thanks, One Trick Pony! I was looking for a way to only show custom media fields added via attachment_fields_to_edit in WP 3.5 when they were attached to the post being viewed, and $_REQUEST['post_id'] was what I needed since $GOBALS['post'] is not set at that point. – goto10 Jun 13 '13 at 21:25

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