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I have a widget where I set some custom url's like register or login. I want to use those variables declared in a widget outside of the widget, in other pages (page templates). How can I save or use, for example, $login or $register variables, in other pages ?

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If you save those urls in options table, then using get_option you can use it any where...

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If you post relevant codes here (like your widget), it would help us answer more appropriately. Anyway, here's my suggestion based on Rajeev Vyas's answer:

  1. Edit your template's functions.php; create it if there isn't any.
  2. There, you can either, use add_option in the global context or add some hook like 'after_setup_theme' to have control over order of its execution.
  3. Either way, write something like this in your functions.php:

    add_option('login_url', 'some/url');
    add_option('register_url', 'some/other/url');

    This will initialize your desired variables.

  4. Then, in your widgets and page templates you can use get_option function to get retrieve these values:


You can find documentation to these functions here: add_option

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I'd recommend to use a prefix for those options. If you're not deleting them on uninstall, no one will ever be able to tell if these are core options or left over options. – kaiser Apr 4 '12 at 12:15

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