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I am developing travel website where users can search and book their travel deal. It goes like this:

  1. Providers are creating their travel deals (same as some blogger create blog in WordPress);
  2. Users book wanted travel deals;
  3. Providers, who have their account where they can see if users book their deal, are notified by the email and sms about just booked (sold) deal.

Site is going to be developed using WordPress.

Is there any plugin or module that I can use to accomplish this, or at least something similar to reconfigure and not to take this process from scratch?

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Are you also processing the payment from the booker to the bookee or is simple notification of booking sufficient? –  JCL1178 Apr 4 '12 at 3:34
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I am writing a similar site. Some notes which may help you:

  1. Create custom user roles for providers and clients. You’ll need custom capabilities for the other features, and it is more future proof not to use the build-in roles.
  2. Create custom post types for the travels. Make the destinations a custom taxonomy.
  3. You’ll need a lot of extras:
    • a form for orders
    • sending invoices
    • SMS and email notifications
    • custom search for meta data
    • Maybe a multi-language solution (use Multilingual Press)

There are plugins for everything, but I would recommend to write one custom plugin to cover most cases, structured very modular to make changes easy. If you use many pre-made plugins you will run into plugin hell one day when one plugin is not compatible anymore after an update (Firefox users have sad songs about this …).

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