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I'm using the following function, as described here:


Now when I use the following css styles, it does exactly what I want in Safari and Chrome:

.safari li#linkrss {margin-top: -15px;}
.chrome li#linkrss {margin-top: -15px;}

When I try .gecko li#linkrss {margin-top: 0px;} for Firefox, however, it doesn't seem to apply. For example, when I inspect the css element using FireBug, it shows the style for Safari. Any tips on how to fix this?

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You mean the global $is_gecko variable is not being set to true in Firefox (what's the version, btw?); if this is correct then WordPress is not detecting your Firefox correctly, and assuming it is $is_safari. Can you dump these globals to make sure that Firefox is getting recognized as $is_safari instead? Do you have some header-altering Firefox plugins enabled? Disable all Firefox plugins. – soulseekah Apr 2 '12 at 1:45
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Can't tell you exactly why but that function didnt work for me either..
Finally i have found this script i have modified a little bit here: get_browser()

Here it is (in your functions.php):

function whatBrowser() {
    define("UNKNOWN", 0);
    define("TRIDENT", 1);
    define("GECKO", 2);
    define("PRESTO", 3);
    define("WEBKIT", 4);
    define("VALIDATOR", 5);
    define("ROBOTS", 6);

    if(!isset($_SESSION["info"]['browser'])) {
        $_SESSION["info"]['browser']['engine'] = UNKNOWN;
        $_SESSION["info"]['browser']['version'] = UNKNOWN;
        $_SESSION["info"]['browser']['platform'] = 'Unknown';

        $navigator_user_agent = ' ' . strtolower($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT']);

        if (strpos($navigator_user_agent, 'linux')) :
            $_SESSION["info"]['browser']['platform'] = 'Linux';
        elseif (strpos($navigator_user_agent, 'mac')) :
            $_SESSION["info"]['browser']['platform'] = 'Mac';
        elseif (strpos($navigator_user_agent, 'win')) :
            $_SESSION["info"]['browser']['platform'] = 'Windows';

        if (strpos($navigator_user_agent, "trident")) {
            $_SESSION["info"]['browser']['engine'] = TRIDENT;
            $_SESSION["info"]['browser']['version'] = floatval(substr($navigator_user_agent, strpos($navigator_user_agent, "trident/") + 8, 3));
        elseif (strpos($navigator_user_agent, "webkit")) {
            $_SESSION["info"]['browser']['engine'] = WEBKIT;
            $_SESSION["info"]['browser']['version'] = floatval(substr($navigator_user_agent, strpos($navigator_user_agent, "webkit/") + 7, 8));
            elseif (strpos($navigator_user_agent, "presto")) {
            $_SESSION["info"]['browser']['engine'] = PRESTO;
            $_SESSION["info"]['browser']['version'] = floatval(substr($navigator_user_agent, strpos($navigator_user_agent, "presto/") + 6, 7));
        elseif (strpos($navigator_user_agent, "gecko")) {
            $_SESSION["info"]['browser']['engine'] = GECKO;
            $_SESSION["info"]['browser']['version'] = floatval(substr($navigator_user_agent, strpos($navigator_user_agent, "gecko/") + 6, 9));
        elseif (strpos($navigator_user_agent, "robot"))
            $_SESSION["info"]['browser']['engine'] = ROBOTS;
        elseif (strpos($navigator_user_agent, "spider"))
            $_SESSION["info"]['browser']['engine'] = ROBOTS;
        elseif (strpos($navigator_user_agent, "bot"))
            $_SESSION["info"]['browser']['engine'] = ROBOTS;
        elseif (strpos($navigator_user_agent, "crawl"))
            $_SESSION["info"]['browser']['engine'] = ROBOTS;
        elseif (strpos($navigator_user_agent, "search"))
            $_SESSION["info"]['browser']['engine'] = ROBOTS;
        elseif (strpos($navigator_user_agent, "w3c_validator")) 
            $_SESSION["info"]['browser']['engine'] = VALIDATOR;
        elseif (strpos($navigator_user_agent, "jigsaw"))
            $_SESSION["info"]['browser']['engine'] = VALIDATOR;

    echo $_SESSION['browser']['engine'];
        switch($_SESSION["info"]['browser']['engine']) {
            case UNKNOWN: echo "unknown";
            case TRIDENT: echo "trident";
            case GECKO: echo "gecko";
            case PRESTO: echo "presto";
            case WEBKIT: echo "Webkit";
            case VALIDATOR: echo "validator";
            case ROBOTS: echo "robot";

Then just change the body tag to this:

<body class="<?php whatBrowser(); ?>">

I tested it with chrome, IE & Firefox... worked gr8 for me..

Hope this Helps.
Best of luck, Sagive.

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