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I recently restored a WP multi-site 3.0.1 database from production to a staging environment, and when I try to login, I am being redirected to an HTTPS URL. The browser complains that the certificate is bad, and then when I click "proceed", it says page not found. I have cleared my browser cookies and all that good stuff, but it still won't let me login.

Also, I am experiencing intermittent "No site defined on this host" errors when I try to login.

I've never seen this issue before, and I have definitely done this backup db restore process before.

Thanks for your help, Dave

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I figured this one out finally. It turns out that the data in the wp_usermeta table for user_id=1 (admin) was corrupted. This was apparently causing the SSL redirect issue when trying to login to any domains.

Once I restored the proper data for user_id=1 into wp_usermeta, everything worked fine. I would much rather have WordPress give an error like "hey, your usermeta data is messed up", rather than have some strange random behavior like that.

Thanks for the help, Dave

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Check if constants, enforcing SSL are defined:


See Administration over SSL in Codex for details.

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It's not. The only place in the code where I see that is in default-constants.php. The only other thing I have noticed recently is that our database server ran out of disk space. Could that cause an issue like this? – Dave Morris Dec 1 '10 at 14:28

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