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I tried to use the last article widget from Wordpress and from my theme (deCanto last article).

The first one only shows me a link with the heading, the last one shows me the complete article!

But both cannot provide me the function I would like. The five last articles should be displayed on the start page. There should be a heading, date and an excerpt (e.g. first 200 words) from the article. Below there should be a "More" button with which the user comes to the full article.


28th March 2012

Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet ....


Which widget can provide me such functionality? In the plugin directory there are too much results ..

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Seems that the article "How do I display read more buttons?" from http://themeshift.com/docs/read-more/ does the trick.

You have to place the more button in the article and define yourself when the break should be.

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