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What do you guys use for A/B testing with WordPress?

Knowing that WordPress has plugins for everything, I went looking for A/B testing plugin and didn't find any.

It also looks like http://optimizely.com or similar solution may work together with WorpdPress. But I would much rather prefer managing everything in a single app.

Any ideas/suggestions?

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This is not a straight WordPress solution but I would recommend a/b testing feature found in the Google website optimizer. http://www.google.com/websiteoptimizer/b/index.html.

It works with your analytics account. You just need to create two (or more) pages in WordPress.

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Thanks PNMG, there is actually a plugin for GWO: wordpress.org/extend/plugins/… – Sasha O Dec 1 '10 at 0:18

Another thing you can look at is the newly released MaxA/B plugin. It's free and we actively maintain it. Just keep in mind that it's for A/B split testing, not multivariate testing. You can grab it from http://maxfoundry.com/plugins/maxab.

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I know there is Automattic-funded ShrimpTest plugin, but sadly development seems stale.

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Also an plugin how Shrimptest is A/B Theme Testing, this plugin is not so early in development how Shrimptest, but i think, Shrimptest works fine.

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