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Am i wrong in thinking i can access the search page by using /search/ ? I've created the files search.php & searchpage.php but /search/ still returns 404?

I want to customise the page a bit...

best, Dan.

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You should be able to access search pages via search/foo as well as ?s=foo. This search rewrite rule is built in into WP since version 1.5. I tested it and it works.

As for the template files, you will need search.php, searchpage.php is not used.

Also see:

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You can not access search page like this.To access search page you have to enter your blog name in URL box of browser followed by ?s= any search keyword.

Example :

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ok - so i'll just have to create a file page-search.php and create a page called search in the admin to create a custom page then. Cheers... Dc – daniel Crabbe Mar 27 '12 at 9:21

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