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can anyone tell me why my blog post jumps down to the video near the bottom of the post?

it does in on every browser and 2 different machines and it does it when you enter the primary domain http://rbarnes.com or the post url http://rbarnes.com/989/atlanta-bloggers-meetup/

click a link and let it fully load before you do anything, you'll see it jump

I took the wistia video out and left the youtube video in and it still jumped down - then I took both videos out and it still jumps down

i fixed a tag not closed - but no help...

what is making it do this?

big thanks if you can help.


this theme is eleven40 child of Genisis

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It's not jumping for me. Have you tried multiple browsers? Are you pressing f5, or are you actually doing a fresh load of the page? Because many (all?) browsers jump to where you were on the page if you just refresh. – mor7ifer Mar 26 '12 at 19:12
It jumps for me in Firefox when clicking the atlanta-bloggers-meetup URL. There are a couple JS errors on the page as well, which should probably be addressed first to make sure they're not causing the issue. – SickHippie Mar 26 '12 at 19:21

Install web developer add on in firefox and disable all script from drop down menu then refresh the page. see the result it is not moving to the video , it means there is some javascript code in your theme that make it to move down to the video.

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